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Whether you need a new stand-alone system, an upgrade or rewrite of an existing application, or an integration application that links two or more systems, MSIS can design and create a fully functional system that meets or exceeds your expecations. 

By utilizing code-generation based on data models with agile development methods, the core features of small to midsize applications can be developed in record time.  With the core system in place, user feedback combined with frequent iterations of development fine tunes your application to fit your exact specifications.  No more waiting for months before you see, touch & feel your application.  Our processes involve weekly releases so you can customize and change as a system develops. 


Software integration... software applications communicating with each other, eliminating duplicate entry and streamlining business processes.  MSIS has extensive experience integrating commercial off the shelf software, custom software programs, proprietary software and legacy systems.  Integrating these various core systems of your business will ultimately streamline your business processes and pay for itself within no time at all.

MSIS has been in the Software/Application Development Management role for over 10 years.  Throughout the years and projects, numerous methodoliges have been followed.  Unfortunately, in the 90's waterfall development was king.  Today, a much better approach called Agile Unified Process is followed.  To put it simply, this process leads to better software with better stakeholder and user acceptance. 

Agile Software Development refers to a group of software development methodologies that promotes development iterations, open collaboration, and process adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project. It chooses to do things in small increments, with minimal planning, rather than plan at length. This helps to minimize the overall risk, and allows the project to adapt to changes more quickly. There is also an emphasis on stakeholder involvement. Meaning at the end of each iteration, the stakeholders are consulted about the product and comments are noted and changes are implemented in the next iteration.

Languages & Tools

C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net

SQL - Database access language.

XML - Internet standard metadata/data languaged used throughout systems.

NAnt - A software build utility.  This tool streamlines and controls the build process so that it is repeatable, ultimately leading to consistent and better software.

NUnit - Streamlined Unit Testing

CodeSmith - Code generation - saving hundreds of hours on any given project.

FxCop - Code coverage tool to govern coding standards and best practices